January 11-12, 2020

Native American Games and Toys (K-8)

Explore the games and toys of various Native American people in this hands-on history class. Discover that many of the toys and games also had other benefits, such as modeling of adult roles and physical conditioning. Make several toys and games to take back to your classroom. Great for indoor recess activities!

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February 22-23, 2020

The Mountain Men: Finding a Historical Figure Beneath the Legend (K-12)

Learn how to separate the historical fur trader from the fictitious mountain man. Trace a remarkable history from 1805 to 1850 with an emphasis on economics, geography, cultural change, and experimental archaeology. Learn how to make moccasin patterns, sample historical foods, and make a fire with flint and steel. Visit a rendezvous re-enactment on Saturday.

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March 14-15, 2019

Women of Colorado (K-12)

Colorado has been the crucible for creating remarkable women. Discover the astounding stories of stateswomen, entrepreneurs, authors, politicians, physicians, saints, educators, and others who forged the Centennial state. Part of this class will include a walking lecture through Golden.

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April 4-5, 2019

Birds of Prey (K-12)

Learn about Colorado's common birds of prey through activities that will help you to identify and understand their behaviors. Focus on nocturnal and diurnal raptors. Field trips will include owl and hawk watching during the spring migration.

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April 18-19, 2019

Children's Literature and the Skills of Survival (K-12)

Practice skills for the classroom that literary figures used to survive: botany (My Side of the Mountain), zoology (Julie of the Wolves), chemistry (Education of Little Tree), first aid (Little Britches), homesteading (Little House), agriculture (Green Book), build elaborate gizmos to cope with the environment (Hunger Games), and more.

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